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Time to help your business!


We are specialized in 100% project funding by providing a combination of debt and equity. 

Most sectors are interesting for us, as we are not providing technical help, nor we are willing to tell you how to run your business. We are seeking for opportunities, that we can help to grow, that we can grow with. 

For that reason any project that's capable to produce good revenues on the side of making prompt repayments on the debt provided by us. 

Please, note, we are direct investors not a brokerage firm, nor consultants. We work with trusted third party experts to complete preparation work for us, and we expect you to provide us but we are investors, and facilitators. 

H-TEMEN invest currently operates as a UK registered company, and places investments for our ultra high net-worth private individuals and family offices. We handle our client's details at the highest discretion. Should you consider to make investments in the future yourself, we can help you with that. 


When you reached this stage, we'll issue a memorandum, called formal investment proposal. This document will record all our final arrangements, and formally confirms all remaining terms. Our offer is also finalised, and we could comfortable say, from here, there is no way back. 

Your funding is fully prepared at this stage with commonly agreed terms. 

Only subject to due diligence to be completed by third party professionals. 

We typically work with the BIG4, to make sure nor conflict of interest, nor service quality will be at question. If you are not happy with that for some reason, we can of course discuss alternatives, but H-TEMEN invest still expects to see third party reports and studies to be completed to ensure we can get the best out of our money. 


You need to send us a completed application form and a completed ID form. 

Please, also attach an executive summary and a cover letter to introduce your project and explain what type of funding you'd prefer to receive. If you have a full investment package, please, send that too. 

Once we received your full application we'll review your submissions. 

Typically we revert to you with an offer within 48-72 hours, or let you know if we can't help. 


The selected firm will receive their mandate from us for the reports we need to get completed for your funding. Prices can be different depending on many factors such as geographical location, complexity of the project and reports that we already have in hand. 

You'll obtain your multiple offers right at the beginning and you'll be free to choose due diligence firm from our panel. 

Once reports are completed, H-TEMEN will evaluate them and revert to you with the final outcome. 

Based on the outcome H-TEMEN INVEST is going to make a final decision. 


If your application was successful we can issue you with a Letter of Intent (LOI) 

That will contain an offer for interest rate, a debt-equity ratio we'd like to provide you with, any grace period we'd like to offer and other basic terms. If you are happy with those, please return the LOI signed. 

Once it was signed by both parties we'll prepare you with a Term Sheet (TS) 

At this stage we can start looking for convenient time for a meeting as before the next step we need to meet in person for many reasons. There are more details below at the "investment meeting" section. You can choose to sign the TS, or you can suggest amendments on your meeting. 


We welcome you at one of our offices or pre-arranged meeting place. Typically in Budapest, or at any other location we agreed. The meeting provides us with the opportunity getting to know you better, and your project. It is a very important cornerstone, since we're not just meeting a client, but a future business partner. Here you also have the opportunity getting to know us, and ask any questions or make suggestions, or negotiate amendments of your TS. At the end of meeting we'll agree deadlines of completion, and discuss all particularities of your project. 

Following that - if you haven’t done it yet- we'll expect you to sign your TS. 

Take care of any occuring administrative fees so we can get to the final part of preparations. 


HTEMEN will make an investment decision, taking into account all communications, reports received from third party experts and your verbal and written explanations. 

We expect all those to be in line, and normally at this stage we should be able to sign a final syndicate agreement with you, and disperse funds as and when agreed. 

Of course not all due diligence reports are as good as applicants expect them to be. 

Typically experts would also come up with suggestions, if for some reason the project wouldn't pass due diligence. If their requirements still can be met following amendments, we'll possibly come up with a new offer considering the identified risk and try to find a solution. 

We however expect due diligence to confirm initial client statements, and not on the contrary. 


On positive due diligence report, or completed duty list in case of a failed one, we'll disperse funds according to the agreed drawdown schedule. 

We aim to complete every single deal as soon as possible, but it's important to note, our procedures never take long H-TEMEN typically uses 2-4 for weeks for it's own internal analysis, legal and banking procedures. Time consuming actions are due diligence provided by third party experts, and applicants to supply the expected written materials. 

Therefore, we typically indicate 90 days for completions, and don't ever promise contractually less. We however understand, clients sometimes aim to get funded sooner. 

This can be only reached by faster delivery by applicant and the chosen due diligence firm. 

We can not commit delivery time on their behalves. 

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